Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bridesmaid Dresses

Each of my girls will be in a different dress, but all in the same color: Marine. Here are the dresses.

Bridesmaid CloseUp: Beth T

So my last bridesmaid, I don't have a picture of quite yet. That's my cousin Beth. She's super awesome. She lives in Mille Lacs and let's just say that once upon a time, her honeymoon with her exhusband was to go to Ozzfest, I know, awesome, right?!

So, Beth is a lot like me, she's been through some tumultuous times but has come out a great success. She's gorgeous and so much fun, oh and did I mention she has a son, Daylen, who's like 13 now?! I remember when that kid was born, man!

Bridesmaid CloseUp: Kim N

This is my Maid of Honor, Kim. I know she doesn't look happy in this picture, but I'm sure she was just concentrating.
Kim is a single Mom to a cute little four year old son, Parker. She also works full time as a debt collector, and is going back to school for her paralegal degree. What a busy woman!!
Kim has been there for me without a flinch of the eye for the last 3 years or so. I actually met her through my ex, who's house she assisted me in moving out from when things got "out of hand".
Kim has been one of the greatest people I know, always supportive and sweet.

Bridesmaid CloseUp: Kailey W

This, my friends is a bridesmaid, one of the most amazing young women I know! Her name is Kailey, and she is my future sister in law.
On top of being an amazing bridesmaid for me this year (and the one closest to me in geography) she is also working her tush off in her senior year of high school, and about to turn 18!
When I asked Kailey to be my bridesmaid, she got all excited. We weren't extremely close yet, you know that awkward "this is my brother's girlfriend" timing? Well, I am proud to say that since than she has been becoming a close friend of mine. She is someone that I am proud to say will be my sister in law.
Though Andrew and Kailey have some true sibling rivalry going on, I have faith that eventually, they'll become close.
Kailey has also been working hard to become closer and closer to our daughter, her niece, Lorelei. They have begun to develop a wonderful relationship and I have a feeling that they'll be close friends.
She also was one of three to come with me to begin shopping for my dress. She was wonderful, I wound up requiring her help on zipping up each dress, so she did that. She also got to try on the dress we chose for her, and oh my was it gorgeous on her! I am so excited!!


Hey all, I am using this as a form of 'wedding biography'/wedding website for the planning. I hope that this will aid all in feeling 'in the loop' and taken care of.